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Ok, I am new at this. I have searched the internet for coupons several times. I click on the ones I want but they won't print. I get a page that says I need to download a certain program first. I have downloaded that program at least 6 times and still, nothing will print. Also, I must not be looking in the right places for the coupons because I am not finding all that many. I suffered a head and back injury while in the military so my mind is a lillte slow. So, if it seems to you that I must not be all that bright. Well, I used to be. Please help me. We are on a fixed income and I need all the help I can get.”

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  • but I cant help with the download thingie. yea, you have to download something but it worked just fine for me the first time. might have your cookie settings too high or something.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by cricket on 11th September 2009