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Is it wrong to want my Dear Husband to do what I want, when I want AND to like it? Also, is there a support group for nags like me? ;)”

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  • when you find a way to make that all work, please fill me in!

    I can never get it done when I want it. I try not to nag, I ask once, I say why I needed it done the second time. the third time I start to do it myself and make sure I am doing it when he is around. most often he takes over.

    I also try to get him to do things on a regular basis, like he always takes out the trash, he puts the load that is in the washer in the dryer before coming to bed so I dont have to rewash a musty smelling load in the morning. the person that cooks doesnt have to do dishes. sometimes, he does the bedtime routine through pajamas and books then I step in. the whole divide and concur thing works for me otherwise, I get a "little" cranky and nobody ends up liking anyone in the end.

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  • Depends on WHAT you want and when y ou want it. If it's something that needs to be done or that you'd like to do, maybe as a couple, no problem. However, playing devil's advocate, turn the table and ask yourself the same question about YOU.

    There's plenty of things we do for our spouses that we neither want nor like, but we do because we care. And that goes for men too. I know there's some things I've wanted to go to that hubby could have cared less about going to, but he did anyway. And vice versa.

    If it's something that needs to be done and he keeps putting off and putting off, that's a whole 'nother matter. I think we all have stories of that happening. I've simply gotten to the point of getting a handyman sometimes, even tho I get the protests of "I could do that myself" or "I was gonna do that", or that handyman costs money." My answer is always, "I need it done NOW, not in the next century." Course I give ample time/leeway and then the line's drawn. After that deadline, I take NO prisoners.

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