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How do you re-focus on your work when your mind wants to wander? Any tips & tricks from reformed procrastinators?”

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  • If I'm distracted by something that needs to be done (that's not job related) I just do it and get it off my mind. If I'm just generally having a focus issue, I will usually take a "lap" around the office, checking in with co-workers on various projects we're working on together. It's productive, but the activity is a nice break to get me focused when I'm back at my desk.

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  • i find when I am having trouble focusing, it is because I haven't committed myself to finish a specific task. My brain is trying to decide what it should work on next, so it bounces back and forth.

    This is when I take a 5 min break. Grab a snack or a glass of water to rejuvenate. While I'm taking my break I decide what task it is that I really want to get done. When I get back to work, I force myself to stick to that one task with allowing for any interrruptions. Once I set my mind to doing a particular thing, I become much more focused.

    Also, I don't have caffeine very often; therefore, when I do have coffee, my mind becomes very productive. I find that when I'm having trouble focusing one day, I might grab a cup of coffee. My mind becomes very focused then! Caffeine is great when you aren't used to it every day.

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  • I set my stop watch for 10 nibutes and force myself to stay with the task for that time. Then I do something I like for 10 minutes. Next, I go back to work with the timer on. You can do anything for 10 minutes

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  • Sometimes I stand up and do 100 jumping jacks. Most of the time, though - like right now - I give in and take a few minutes to do some online reading, then go back. I struggle with this all the time, and it's good to know other people do too. I hope someone comes along with a really good answer!

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