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Hi Fellow Moms: (If you have any ideas or want to contribute, please email me at There are so many great books out in circulation about what to expect for a first time pregnancy. I have read a lot of them and even though I find them very interesting and learned a ton the first time around, I now wish there was something for me to read regarding second pregnancies (or more) and how to balance life with an older child and deal with the new aches and pains of another baby. And so I’ve decided to take on another venture in my life and write a book. My quest for all you Moms out there is to share your experiences with me. I would love for this to also be a collaboration of stories and tales that you would want to share with other moms. Be it tokens of advice for the second time around, what you wish you had known the first time, and/or things that happened the second time that were a complete and utter shock to you. Here are just some of the topics that I am thinking of covering and please feel free to add anything else that comes to mind. So, if you have a funny story or antidote that happened with one of these or other topics, please share. I really want your input and hopefully all your stories can make it into my book, so that I can quote all the great moms that I know out there. If you wish to remain anonymous in the book with your quote please let me know. I really appreciate any input that I get and can't wait to start on this new venture! Also, if your hubby has any input, would be glad to hear a male's point of view as well. Different Aches and Pains Taking Care of an older child/ Toddler Experiencing new things that you never had during your first pregnancy: like Braxton hicks Hair and Face changes that are different Not being able to lay down as much and be lazy because you are chasing around a toddler Giving advice to first timers Juggling and Balancing work and family Finding time for Sex (somehow you made this second baby) Introducing new baby How to breastfeed and keep toddler busy How to involve first child with new baby What if you are on bedrest second time around Things they don’t tell you the first time around Peeing when sneezing Charlie Horses or in my case, bad hips :) Can’t get away with not being lift things, hubby and others usually not as sympathetic as the first time What you were hoping the sex of the baby was going to be What to do with first child when in the hospital? Preventing from jealously, hitting, throwing toys? Finding time to exercise? Gaining weight Losing it again! Getting pregnant while breastfeeding Getting pregnant while weaning Drastic things you did that you regretted like cutting your hair too short Pamper yourself even if you do it at home. Second Baby Showers”

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