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  • my son is 10 yrs old and has adhd, i agree with kayla as far as activity goes,i try to make sure my son stays busy. As for the medication, my son does take meds everyday (except weekends and when there is no school), he stuggles too much in school and the meds help him to focus. before the meds he was a low "D" student and now he maintains a "B" average. hope this helps. good luck:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by wendy on 4th October 2009

  • I am only a new mom but I grew up with ADHD and my niece age 8 has it. I don't know if you have your child on any medicine or not but the doctors I've talked to say they do not work. They make your child lazy and they won't eat and they sleep all the time. I know a lot of parents will not do this but the best way to get through it is through discipline. A lot of kids just need to get outside and play. Try a new routine with a lot of activity.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by kayla on 2nd October 2009

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