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Considering that there is the new virus "swine flu" raging right now, what is your opinion on recieving the H1N1 vaccine for your children and yourself now the risk and side effects?”

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  • My 2 year old was given the regular flu shot, but I'm not giving him the swine flu shot. However, the company I work for makes a product that kills the H1N1 virus and is completely safe to use around your children! Please contact me if you would like to learn more.

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  • My sons and I were vaccinated for both the seasonal and H1N1 flu's. I have a 6 month old and a 9 year old with asthma. For me, the risks from swine flu out weighed the risks of the shot.

    My oldest son has had the flu vaccination for several years without any side effects.

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  • I am a noted skeptic when it comes to vaccine efficacy (probably because I am actually a needle-phobe and will do anything to avoid a shot), but my best friend is a Public Health Officer for the CDC and noted the same thing that brnmom did when I asked her about this - it's made the same way as the normal vaccine. It's not new or novel, it is just specifically targeted to a particular strain of Type A influenza, h1N1 (Swine Flu).

    Given that there is only one case of classic Type A flu in our state so far this season and all of the rest have been confirmed H1N1, I think that we'd be foolish not to get the vaccine. There have already been 500 juvenile deaths too. All of the children documented were unvaccinated.

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  • As a nurse and a mother of a child with Asthma, I debated whether to get this vaccine as well since it is so new. I received the H1N1 vaccine myself as I did not want to carry H1N1 home to my kids. I also had my child who has asthma vaccinated. I did not vaccinate my two other children who do not have health problems. I would strongly recommend it for pregnant woman, and children who have underlying health conditions.
    The H1N1 vaccine is made the same way as the regular flu vaccine and the benefits outweigh hospitalizing a child as this flu can have respiratory complications. I did not have any side effects from the H1N1 flu mist and my 9 year old son had no side effects from the H1N1 vaccine injection.

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  • Nobody in our house will be getting the flu shot or the Swine flu shot.
    There are WAY to many risks.

    We are on a delayed vac schedule as is, and would not get ANY shots that are not REQUIRED by the school system

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  • I will not be getting it for us, at least based on the info I currently have. I don't vaccinate unless I am convinced that the risk outweighs not only the direct side effects of the vaccine, but also the lost opportunities for our bodies to develop and use their natural defenses. I know some people with far bigger salaries than mine are strongly recommending it. But these are the same people who want me to fear my kids' dying of chicken pox. So their credibility is limited as far as I am concerned.

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  • Honestly I have heard so many fishy things about flu vaccines that I'm not gonna bother with any of them. I think if we take the right precautions and make a conscious effort to feed our kids good food, get them to bed on time, wash their hands often, etc. we can be confident that their bodies will be strong enough to fight off illness the natural way. This year I'm trying a cold and flu management system- it's awesome! I love the First Response product it works every time! Check it out! It's called Sun Dew.

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  • Both my kids (and soon myself) have received the regular flu vaccine, but I'm still unsure on whether I want them to get the H1N1 vaccine. I'm just concerned about the effects it will have them, especially since it's so new. The few mothers that I've discussed this with are also unsure of what to do. I'd be interested to know what other mothers here think.

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