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work at home jobs? Are there any "real" ones out there?”

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  • There are many companies that actually do hire "virtual" workers, but I have to say it is very difficult to find them! I know I spent years trying. I finally did find a website called (had to pay $30 to have a year of access), and I got hooked up with I worked with them 2 years, paid off some credit cards, and then finally decided to start my own business because I really needed a completely flexible schedule. Been working my own business for a year now and loving it! It is so liberating! But, if you're not ready for business (its not as hard as you think!), I do have a list of companies that hire home workers that I compiled with the help of some of the gals I worked with on VIPdesk. You can send me a message with your email address, and I'll send the list to you.

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  • The answer to your question I'm not sure I can get back you on that. I had a heart attack and had to change some things one was my job. still looking!!

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  • Yes there are! My aunt and cousin work from home as customer service reps. Each for a different company. They get to be at home with their families. Though work can sometimes get hectic, they handle it with grace and wouldn't trade it for the world! They are truly great at what they do! Go to, submit your application, and get started!

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  • I work from my home for the last six years. Are you asking about working directly from a company that employ workers at home? Or are you looking to start your own business from home?
    I am with a legit company that has been in business for over 17 years. We are paid daily, bonuses, benifits, 401k, 5 company websites to market your business and much, much more. You can go to the website at: 24 hour company overview 212-990-7214. If you need more information feel free to e-mail me. Thanks, Rose

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  • What kind of at-home work are you looking for? The best way I've found to earn a salary quickly is to already be working in an office, and segway that into working from home. Most of the jobs where you start from home and see advertised on the internet are low/no paying and you could go get a regular p/t job outside the home and earn as much or probably more.

    People who have successfully worked from home and are earning a good salary of $30K or more either did the scenario I first described (office-to-home) or have a skill set a company wants and you negotiate with them to work from home.

    Another opportunity to look at where you'd be able to work from home from the start is to start your own home business. Depending on your skill set and what you're passionate about, you can find many resources out there on how to get started (this site for example!). However, as with any business you start, there is some capital investment to this. The income potential can be quite high though, depending on how committed and hard-working you are to learn the business.

    Good luck and email me if you'd like more information on what I do to help women successfully work from home. Either way, find something you can believe in, doesn't cost you a lot of money (or no$ at all if it's just a job) and you actually see a paycheck start coming in.

    Tanesha Nurse

    Some women really want to work at home and have a rewarding career, but don't know how....wouldn't you agree?
    I partner with women to have successful businesses while making a difference in people's lives. After all, it's your life, your dreams, your business! I'd love to show you how you too CAN work from home while making a huge difference in the lives of others!

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