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We recently moved to a new town where I am a full time grad student and a teaching assistant. Everyone I know is a stay at home mom, and while this includes my best friend of many years, I'm realizing that it's kind of hard for us to relate to one another. Plus all the "mommy" groups occur during the week when I have obligations, which is frustrating. I would really like to meet other working/student moms who are cool and trying to juggle the same things. Any suggestions on how to meet other mommies/parents? Thanks!!”

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  • Two thoughts as a former grad student with children. I know it isn't easy, but you aren't alone. You could try one of the mommy groups or start something at school.

    I am part of a mommies group that has both working and SAHMs. Most events do happen on the weekdays, but I decided to organize something for the weekend and it worked. You might not always get a good turnout but you can make a few key friends.

    Try starting something at your school. Young parents at school and in grad school are becoming more common. At my school one of the young graduate students worked with our women's center/group to organize monthly lunches where you discussed different topics and met other parents. It was open to all genders and everyone at the university. It was small but also included some staff.

    If your child is in a group care situation you can also look at introducing yourself to other parents there. There are many parents that feel like you, if you reach out you might be surprised what you find. I know I felt that way.

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