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I am looking for some help/advice please. My children are older and play outside constantly. I have an issue/frustration because it seems that no matter what I do, their clothes just do not come out clean enough for my liking - there always seems to be some lingering "odor". Any tips on products that would help to remove these odors? I have tried OxyClean and a few other products to no avail...”

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  • Vinegar is a good odor neutralizer too. use it like you would bleach, but it is color safe (don't try this AND baking soda on the same load).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BrendaG on 7th November 2009

  • thank you all for your replies on my question!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by myboysmyjoyx3 on 2nd November 2009

  • I've heard that Pine-Sol is good for eliminating odors in fabrics. Add it to the wash...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by newmommy08 on 29th October 2009

  • You could try adding baking soda to the laundry. I started doing this when potty training my daughter and haven't stopped.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lindsey W. on 27th October 2009

  • nope, other than maybe have them change thier clothes or have one particular jacket for outside play. febreeze? I dont have that issue here, do you live near some sort of industry that puts a strange odor in the air?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by cricket on 27th October 2009