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I am a new mom of a 10 month old and working full time. I am misreable and my marriage is suffering due to my gumpiness from lack of sleep and being stressed out. I am looking for a part time job that I can do from home, online that is flexible. I am currently in an industry that I love (food and wine) but can not do part time and my employer is not willing to negociate telecommuting, part time or job share. I appreciate any suggestions.”

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  • My friend found a great opportunity as a virtual assistant. Although the company's business is now down, her employer has referred her to at least three or four other potential jobs. I wish I could remember what site she found this at, (she's moved out of town). I'll try to catch up with her and ask.

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  • Thank you everyone for your great suggestions.

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  • It wouldn't be from home, but check into the gourmet shops? They could probably at least do part-time even if not from home.
    Don't know what you do in food/wine but if something like sales, you could check into sales in other industries. Even something like hosting jewelry parties; most of it is from home and then evenings to do parties (get that hubby to come home in an evening and be with your child while you host parties.

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  • Um, why not try selling something on the web? i happened to know a website which supply kinds of funny toys and novelities,and hope it may help you:

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  • Hello. I don't know if this would help or not, but I recently started working for an international wellness company. I work from home and work the hours that I want to work. There is no selling, no inventory and no risk. I have been a SAHM since 2005 but needed to add extra income into our household. You said that you love the food/ wine industry... they have some food items, but no wine. You can still check it out if you want at: and I hope you find what you're looking for and what makes you happy!

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  • Uh, a question here that you didn't elaborate on. Where's hubby in all of this? Is HE pulling his fair share of the load at home with regards to housework and the baby? If not, why not? Having his help and support can help ease some of the stress. Lack of sleep? Why isn't HE getting up with the baby and let you get some sleep?

    IOW, where's hubby in the picture?

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  • I know that this might sound really silly, but a lot of people I know who are looking for partime flexible work are doing gold parties. You can find out more about this at the following website They were featured on CBS. Esentially you become a rep and find get people to host parties at their home and they sell you their gold that they do not want anymore. It's supposed to be great money and flexible hours in the evening or on the weekend. To be honest, the friends that I know who are doing this are in Canada so I don't know much about the industry in the US but I think the site above looks pretty reputable and informative. Good luck!

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