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Are you guys excited for the holidays or do you find the time too stressful?”

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  • I love the Christmas season, I love buying gifts (and recieving) I love eating (but not cooking), I love the music (although there's only bout 15 songs sung 500 different ways), even the big, unorgnized clutter we call dinner is fun. I do some traveling (I don't mind as much as my 4yr old:) I believe all gifts, if any, should be useful, pratical, even if it's only a dollar, if i need it I'll love it.

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  • Money is tight, but that's not why Christmas is stressful for me. I love my family, but every year I'm expected to meet in my grandmother's house which is very small with every last member of my extended family. I don't particularly get along with all of them, and my family can be very gossipy, so I just feel awkward every year at these events. Sometimes I just want to stay home with my son.

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  • Christmas is the one Holiday my family and I look forward to the most, but this year has been hard getting into the spirit. We usually dont last min shop, but this year due to certain circumstances we joined the group of last min shoppers and stress. Christmas this year is not at the top of our priority list due to all the stress and personal issues

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  • I find the holidays stressful. The whole gift thing stresses me out. Trying to please everyone is impossible. My kids are getting older and more expensive and less appreciative.

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  • Verry stressful, with no money, no chistmas tree or presents this season is starting to be my least favorite now.

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  • stressful. I love the holidays, but there is always travel and finding the perfect gift that makes it stressful.

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  • very stressful i have family members that do not get along with one another and my husband does to and this year eveyone wants to come over to our home this christmas

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  • excited this year. 1st year with the new puppy so its been real fun. a little stressful when trying to wrap things but otherwise good. traditional plans are a little different this year. some memebers of our family are in a bit of an argument so we are making our own plans which will be different but in a good way. shopping was a little stressful with money and lack of, but i want to say thanks to my mother for if it wasnt for her i dont know how i would make it through sometimes! thanks mom, you're the absolute best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy holidays everyone!

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  • I find it stressful, because i dont have enough money to get everyone a gift and wk and cooking and wrapping and dealing with the crowd. on top of it all you have to look good or at least prsentable

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  • I was supposed to have family in from the Northeast for the holidays... I WAS STRESSED. Bought/prepared early, even pre-cut veggies, got the 16# turkey, etc. Not like me at all as I am solo, so I was fine with a Healthy Choice dinner, beverages, and football! But this year I was ready! Well...after 22" of snow, my family was forced to spend money for salt for the ice, people to help clear, extra supplies, etc. So they were so bummed and literally afraid to make the call to me to say they were not coming. Yes...I am bummed they won't be here...BUT! We all decided that a later trip was good for everyone...they didn't want me to be alone...well I am FINE when I am alone! Not lonely when I am alone! IMy house is the cleanest it has been in years! HA! As I was sighing relief, and wondering if even pizza places delivered on Christmas?.... A woman was on our evening news here in Florida whose unemployment check was not able to be funded for some reason? So I have left an e-mail at the TV station asking for my info to be forwarded to her (she is only 2 exits away from me!!) so she can shop my frig and pantry! 16# turkey? 10# potatoes? Ice cream, cool whip, flour???LOLOL I'd have frozen turkey this time next year...and have to cook the bird, get my lazy butt up off the couch to baste it...whew...say a prayer /send a thought to Santa that she contacts me...I can help food wasted...I get to chill out and watch football, and she can DE-STRESS at least for the Christmas Dinner. That's why I think if we all communicate and swap at times like this? Works for me!! Happy Holidays to ALL!...Pay it forward...

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  • As the days have gotton closer I'm getting more excited... Ready to have family over... Hang with some friends... I have learned not to let the holiday times stress me...

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