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I would like to find a legitimate job that I can do from my home. I don't want to start my own business, that can take too much cost and right now that's not an option. I am looking for companies that need people who can work out of their homes.”

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  • Hi there! I have worked at home as a virtual catalog sales agent (they paid me every two weeks). There are companies that do hire folks to do work at home, but can be very hard to find (I looked for years). I have a list of these companies, if you'd like me to send it to you please reply with your email address. FYI: I always thought I could not start my own business, but I did last year, and it was $50 to start, and I earned triple that my first month (and save a lot of money because of the benefits we get). So its not as expensive as you think!

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  • I may have the opportunity for you. Please feel free to visit my website at to request more information. Lucricia

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