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A friend of mine just recently got divorced. With in a month of moving out of the house with her two girls her ex had another woman living with him. At any rate its been a long annoying road to this point. The other woman tells my friends Children to call her mommy, and visits them for lunch in daycare (which is fine until they realize that she is not taking them home) with asking her first. This year is the first Christmas Seperated. She gets to have them for Christmas, but her Ex took it upon himself to tell their Children that Santa Will be visiting them twice this year (which goes against everything they have ever been told) but didn't bother to let her know. So when her daughters (4 & 6) asked her where the presents came from that are going to be a daddys house she told them they are from him. Now we are in a tizzy and really need some advice on how to handle the situation. He is not being cooperative at all, and we don't want them to lose their faith in Santa. Thanks!”

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  • I honestly do not believe that Santa is the main issue here.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Uhura on 30th December 2009

  • Woops! I would tell the kids Mommy didn't realize that Daddy had made special arrangements with Santa, but wow, isn't that cool that Santa is able to visit twice!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 21st December 2009