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Single on Valentine's Day? Have fun anyway!

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Single on Valentine's Day? No worries. Focus on love and friendship, and have fun with these 10 ideas:

  1. Indulge yourself. Whether you've been craving a day at a spa or a guilt-free fast-food meal, take the day to do something that you really want to do.
  2. Plan a chick-flick marathon. All those movies your significant other refuses to watch with you are perfect for a night with the girls.
  3. Celebrate with someone you love. Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers; it's for love in general. Go out of your way to spend a little extra time with a parent, child, or sibling.
  4. Think about others. Any day is a good day for a little community service; make Valentine's Day important by volunteering to help others.
  5. Do one new thing. Break free of the doldrums by doing or learning about something you've never done before.
  6. Work on your New Year's resolutions. It's only February -- no need to let your resolutions fall by the wayside. Recommit to them, starting now, and hit the gym to mark the occassion.
  7. Hold a chocolate tasting party. Head to your favorite gourmet grocery store and stock up on as many different kinds of chocolate as you can manage. Then call your friends, break out the bubbly, and sample them all.
  8. Hit the mall for a makeover. Head to your favorite beauty counter (or find a Sephora store near you) and find your new favorite look.
  9. Make a music mix. We've moved far beyond the boom-box-with-double-tape-deck technology that got us through high school. Check out the selection of free and low-cost MP3 downloads at Amazon.com and make your own mix. Burn it to CD and share it with your friends, or hit "play" and sing along, loud and proud, in the shower.
  10. Ignore it. Technically, Valentine's Day isn't really a holiday -- it's just an excuse to eat chocolate and help big businesses make more money. Register your protest by treating it like any other day.

Need more ideas? The folks at eHow have a ton of great tips for making the most of being single on Valentine's Day!

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