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Cheap Date Ideas: 10 Fun Things You Can Do Without Breaking the Bank

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Time is at a premium for working moms and, for many of us, money is, too. We asked our members to pony up their favorite cheap date ideas and here's a quick roundup of great suggestions!
  1. Reconnect over coffee at a little local shop, or browse the books together at a big book store.
  2. Go to the movies -- at a real theater, at the drive-in, or at home.
  3. Take advantage of nearby grandparents, and drop the kids off with them before heading back home for a some grownup time (without worrying about your little pitchers and their big ears!).
  4. Pack a basket with wine, cheese, and candles and go for a late-night picnic at the beach. Can't get a sitter? Clear the bedroom floor, turn out the lights, and have your picnic right there.
  5. Go for a late-night drive... and park. Grab a blanket and a telescope and soak up the stars. Weather looking grim? Make the most of it by sitting on the porch or near a window and watching the storm roll in.
  6. Turn off the TV, get a game or a pack of cards, and play for keeps.
  7. Dress up and go out -- anywhere. An inexpensive restaurant and free music and dancing at a hotel or casino will feel fancy if you're dressed to the nines.
  8. Attend a student performance at a local college. Or do what you did when you were their age. (Not that. Go bowling!)
  9. Baby, it's cold outside... bundle up and go sledding or ice skating together.
  10. Think about your first date, and recreate it at home.

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  • so glad you pulled this all in one place! i didnt see these and i might have to snag a couple of these ideas!!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 13th February 2008

  • Oh, this is so fabulous! I didn't have time to read all the replies. Thanks for condensing it down!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 13th February 2008