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Tips for making business trips easier


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Foor many working Moms, business travel is a part of their job. Or maybe it's not part of their job but they are planning to get away without the kids. Whatever the situation, leaving for a few days or longer can put added stress on an already busy Mom. Here are a few ideas to make that trip a little bit easier on everyone.

1. Make lists of your daily routines. A wall calendar with the appointments and commitments on it is also a good idea. You want to make it as easy as possible for your caregiver to know what is on the agenda for the kids while you're gone.

2. Start packing early. Leaving your packing until the night before will leave you stressed out and prone to forgetting something important. Here is where lists come in handy as well - make a list of everything you need to packas you think of them. As each item goes into your suitcase, cross it off the list.

3. Make sure important documents are handy. Medical cards, insurance papers, consent forms, etc.. If you're in meetings and your caregivers needs any of these things, they can easily find them and not have to phone you in a panic.

4. Make specific plans to call/Skype. If your kids know that they will get to hear your voice or see your face, it will make it easier on them. And you.

5. Plan something fun for them while you're gone. Or let your caregiver plan something fun. If they're busy having a blast with Daddy or whomever is watching them, they are less likely to be crying about missing you. Added bonus:Less guilt for you.

6. Treat yourself. You are in a hotel room, with no little ones to care for. Order room service, visit the spa, go shopping, whatever makes you smile. You've been working hard and trael takes it's own toll. Do something nice for yourself as a reward.

7. Airport meetings. If you live close enough to the airport and it works time-wise, have your caregiver and the kids meet you at the airport. Kids love the planes and machines and they get to see you faster than if they waited for you at home. And seeing their little faces light up when they see you is the best welcome home gift a Mom could ever hope for.

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