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Work From Home and Flexible Jobs: Where to Find Them

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Being able to work part-time or telecommute at least some of the time is at the top of most working moms' list of job priorities. Here are some helpful websites where you can search for flexible or telecommuting jobs:
  1. Flexjobs.com specializes in telecommuting or work-from-home job opportunities and lists 200 new jobs per week.
  2. Momcorps.com works with moms to find them the right flexible job opportunity, whether you're re-entering the workforce after taking some time off to raise your kids or are just looking for a more flexible arrangement.
  3. Tentiltwo.com is a part-time placement service for college-educated graduates.
  4. Needlestackjobs.com lists flextime jobs, including part-time, telecommuting, and reduced work week opportunities.
  5. Momforce.com is a service from Care.com, where moms can look for work-from-home opportunities, from blogging to customer service.
  6. Hiremymom.com lists jobs for home-based professionals and was founded by a successful work-from home mom.
  7. Flexperience.com is a Bay-area placement firm focusing on placing professionals into flexible or temporary job opportunities.
  8. Freelanceswitch.com has a job board dedicated to freelance opportunities.
  9. Mediabistro.com is the most comprehensive source of jobs in media, digital media, publishing and writing. You can also upload a freelance profile to be viewed by potential employers.
  10. Helium.com's writer's marketplace is a great resource if you're looking to pick up some writing assignments (especially if you don't have a ton of writing experience.)

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  • I really would not recommend Flexjobs. Basically they take job listings that are already out there and post them on their site...there must be thousands of applicants for each job, so the chances of you being selected are like the chances of winning the lottery, with the latter being of greater likelihood.

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  • Flag as inappropriate Posted by Helen on 10th February 2010