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7 tools CEOs use to remain productive

Productivity tools to make the most of your time, space, and information

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The other day, a reporter who was doing a national story asked the question about what productivity tools I used as a CEO.  I loved the question.

I use a number of tools to manage my time, space and information.  I thought I would share a few with you and maybe you could share a few with me.

1.) Action items/to dos: The piles of paper that require action (heck, if I put them in a drawer I would forget about them!) – I created a custom Action System using the SwiftFile.  I now know exactly the amount of actions I have and where to find the corresponding papers when I need them. 

2.) Physical reference information: I can find anything in five seconds or less!  I use the Paper Tiger system to help me do that.  This system is fabulous for CEOs that think one way and their assistants think a different way.

I also use this system in my home.  It is fabulous because I have been able to increase clear communication with my husband and my children and can delegate!

3.) Electronic information: In today’s world of email and other electronic files, it can become cumbersome to find a document when you file it away on your computer.  I use EasyReach.  It is like a google search only on your PC. It shows me all types of files -- email, word, excel, pdf, etc. all in one search window.

4.) Receipts, business cards, etc.: Small pieces of paper pile up and I had to find a solution.  I use the NeatReceipts SCANALIZER.  It not only scans an image, but fills my database too.

5.) Staying in touch: Until I had this tool, I had piles of unused note cards.  I knew I wanted to stay in touch with those people that are important both professionally and personally, but I was not doing it.  Now I use SendOutCards

6.) Idea capture: When I’m in the car and cannot type, I use Jott to get my ideas where they belong.

7.) Understand customer wants: I do a lot of writing.  Knowing what my audience is interested in is necessary.  I use Skribit to find out.

Let's get a great listing of resources for Work It, Mom! members! What tools do you use to stay productive in your business?


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