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Busy Moms Can Have Story Time Too: Reading Made Easy with Audible.

by Ashleigh Evans  |  5365 views  |  0 comments  |        Rate this now! 

I vaguely remember a time when it was possible to take a bubble bath, then cuddle up in a warm and cozy blanket and read a good book. Those were the days before making dinner and putting the kids to sleep became a top priority, and on some nights the mission of a lifetime!

I miss being able to talk to the girls about that latest bestseller that just blew me away. I miss tearing up, cracking up, and gaining the insight that is only found in a good book. But with the demands of being a parent, I honestly don’t have the time to sit down and read a novel from cover to cover.

Just then I discover Audible.com. It’s basically the modern version of audio tapes made simple through the use of an app on your mobile device. This way you actually have time to catch up on a good read, because Audible.com makes it easy to listen to audio books by the click of just a few buttons. 

I started using Audible.com because of the 30 day free trial and now, I’m hooked. It’s super easy to set up too. I log into the website, choose the book I want and send it to whatever mobile device I use most.

The best part is the huge selection of genres. From bestsellers, to parenting and romantic novels, all you have to do is click and choose!

Just yesterday I was listening to the latest mommy book on the way to work. Now that’s multitasking! And now, I can finally chat with the girls about that hot new book they saw on that talk show.

Want to enjoy the 30 day free trial too? It’s easy, just click here. Sit back, relax and simply open your ears with Audible.com.

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