Even celebrity moms think they need a makeover

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I looked in the mirror on my way out the door the other day and stopped in my tracks. Who was that person?

I rarely wear makeup, but that morning I decided I could use some. I let the kids play (in their coats, in the living room), while I dabbed on a bit of concealer and swept something claiming to be made of brown minerals over my skin, stood back, and surveyed the results.

My cheeks went on for miles once those dark under-eye circles were gone. It seemed… odd. I hastily drew on a little eyeliner to anchor my eyes back onto my face, twisted my long (and increasingly gray) hair up and secured it with a barrette, and shrugged back into my coat.

I think I’m due for a makeover.

The funny thing is, most women think they are — even the celebrities with trainers on call, even after they’ve been made-over for a photo shoot. Witness these before and after pictures of Jessica Alba.

Now, did she really need that digital tummy tuck? Of course not. She looked fine. But the thing is, since the photo that gets publicized is the one with her sporting a practically concave belly and legs like a colt, we all think that’s the way we’re supposed to look.

Of course we can’t live up to the hype. But, interestingly enough, neither can Alba.

“Eight weeks after my girlfriend had her baby, you could see her six-pack,” Alba tells Elle Magazine in the upcoming March issue. “She told me to put an elastic band around my waist — any kind of band or girdle works. She was like, ‘I slept in it.’ I didn’t recover as fast as she did. I [still] don’t have a six-pack.”

For the record: “Still” means “About eight months after giving birth.” I’m sorry, I’m 27 months post-partum, and the only six-pack I’ve got is in my fridge.

My tummy isn’t what’s on my mind, though, as I dart out of the downstairs bathroom and tell the kids it’s time to go to school, for real this time. My 4-year-old pauses to take a look at my newly made-up face, and she is perturbed. “What happened to your eyes, Mama?” she asks. “Half is missing. They used to go down to there.” She mimes a line at the tip of my nose.

I hope she gets used to seeing me without huge, dark, under-eye circles. I might not be able to find time to get eight hours of sleep a night, and an digital tummy tuck is out of the question, but you can bet I’m going to try to find a few extra minutes in the morning to make those circles disappear.

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