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What To Do With Unwanted Gifts

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Santa Claus Let’s assume that we are all very grateful and polite people. We know to smile and say thank you when given a gift, and more often than not we appreciate the generosity that’s been shown to us.

But… still…

Sometimes even the most grateful among us ends up with a box or two of “what the heck were they thinking?” from a well-meaning loved one. Or, perhaps you’re trying to downsize your life and have simply been overwhelmed by too much stuff.

What’s a kind person to do with unwanted gifts?

First, keep smiling, of course. I’m a big believer in honest and open communication, but it is flat out unkind to diss a gift. Remember that what’s really being given is love and good intentions, and that always deserves a smile and a thank you.

Then you can consider the most tactful way to get rid of it.

Take it back

When we discussed unwanted gifts on a recent Google+ Hangout, there were mixed opinions on returning items to the store. A couple people felt it would be rude to request a receipt, which can make returning items almost impossible. I tend to agree, unless something has a size that can be called into question.

A better alternative? See if it’s sold at Walmart. They’ll take back anything.

To regift or not to regift

I say keep that gift moving forward, but thoughtfully. Gift giving isn’t about pawning off your unwanted stuff, but that doesn’t mean that your junk might not be another woman’s treasure. You can regift with a clear conscious if you know someone else who would truly appreciate what you didn’t have room for.

Use it for spare parts

If you’re the crafty type, this may be the perfect opportunity to revisit your upcycling boards on Pinterest . Turn that ugly sweater into boot socks, and take a can of metallic spray paint to the hideous knick knack.

Donate it and move on

If you can’t return it, regift it, or reuse it, get rid of it. The last thing your loved one wanted was to add clutter and chaos to your life. Donate it to your nearest thrift store and be glad that you have people in your life who love you enough to give you presents.

And start an Amazon wishlist.

Your turn: what do you do with unwanted gifts? Have you ever had a gift that was difficult to get rid of?

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