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3 Resolutions to Have a Happier 2014

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New Year's Baby with Top HatAs the calendar turns from one year to the next, many of us feel drawn to evaluate our lives and make changes. Why? Because we all want to be happy. That’s the root of all New Years Resolutions, really; we are hardwired to want happiness.

But what will really make you happy in 2014? Psychologist Dan Gilbert tells us that humans are horrible at predicting what will make them happy. Perhaps that’s why so few of us actually follow through with our resolutions for a full year: we quit when what we thought would make us happy doesn’t.

So what resolutions can you make this year that could actually make you happier in 2014?

I don’t believe that there is a universal recipe for happiness. Your heart song is different from mine. However, there are a few things you can do that generally tend to make most people happy - or that can at the very least help you uncover your own happiness keys.

1. Go outside every day.

I set a goal to go outside for at least five minutes every single day in December. With the exception of a couple days spent fighting my immune system, I was successful - and it made a huge difference in how I felt all day.

Going outside is good for your mind, body, and soul. Winter months loom ahead of us, and it can be so easy to let the cold keep you inside. Set the bar low - just five minutes of quasi sunshine! - and you’ll have a better chance of fighting off any winter blues.

2. Meditate

Of all the advice I ever give people, this is the piece that is most often ignored. The idea of meditating freaks people out. “I can’t do it!” I hear. “My mind just won’t go blank.”

Meditation isn’t about creating an empty abyss in your brain. It is about being mindful of what is happening.

Regular meditation is a proven stress buster and may even offer long-term health benefits. Set a resolution that will make this year and the next happier: meditate for ten minutes a day.

3. Spend time with loved ones.

Connection is one of the few things that makes everyone happy. Relationships matter. Some people like lots of them, some only need a few, but we all need some connection to the people we care about. Make reaching out and spending time with friends or family a priority in 2014.

You could:

  • Have a standing lunch date with your mom.
  • Resolve to call your best friend once a week.
  • Commit to family game night.

Have you decided on a resolution for 2014? How are you planning for more happiness next year?

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