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5 Ways Busy Moms Can Find Peace

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118/365 - meditate Chaos tends to reign supreme in the life of a working parent. The metaphors used to characterize us include juggling, wearing multiple hats, and balancing on what must be a precariously narrow line. If those images are true, danger – or failure – is always one small mistake away. It’s no wonder, then, that so many women tell me the one thing they want to feel more of is peace.

Peace. Calm. Serenity.

These words are rarely used to describe our lives, but we need quiet to balance out the rest of the noise and frenzy.

I’ve found adding one or two little habits to my routine can make a big difference in how peaceful I feel overall. A few moments of calm helps me cope with a whole lot of chaos.

1. Yoga – In a perfect world, I could spend an hour a day in a yoga class. In my real life, I might get to slip away to a class once a week. Most of my practice is done in the 15 minutes I give myself first thing in the morning .

2. Meditation – I dream of spending two weeks at a meditation retreat amid lush gardens and serene monks. Until that’s practical, I rely on 10-minute YouTube videos to guide me through some centering thoughts before I turn on my laptop.

3. Making the Bed – On the surface, there’s nothing zen about this household chore, but rumpled blankets and pillows on the floor tend to be a visual reminder that life is messy. When my bed is made, my bedroom is transformed into a place that at least looks orderly.

4. Washing Your Face at Night – Maybe it’s the warm water or the act of removing the day’s makeup, I’m not sure, but something about this ritual helps me turn down the gears from Ready to Handle Everything to Ready to Rest.

5. Journaling – Right before I go to sleep, I spend a few minutes with a pen and notebook recording a few highlights from the day and setting intentions for the next one. This time of quiet reflection helps me remember what matters most.

How do you add peace and calm into the whirlwind of life?

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