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Intuition: does it have a place in business?

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I was talking strategy with a female colleague recently, and she gave me a piece of advice that struck me as being something that could only come from a woman.

“I think the important thing is to enjoy yourself,” she said, “because that’s when your intuition comes out.”

We weren’t talking about relationships.  We weren’t talking about office politics or how to treat people in the workplace.  We were talking about money and business strategy and things that could be profitable vs. things that may not be.

Things that have not, at least in my professional experience, always been associated with intuition.

The word intuition comes up a lot in my personal conversations with female friends.  We talk about needing to listen to it more or lament the times we have not listened to it enough, or perhaps were misdirected by it.  We are, as women, very familiar with the concept of a gut feeling acting as a guide - in our personal lives.

But the idea of intuition being a tool in business is new to me.

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