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Why don’t women like other women?

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Pomoc ženám, na ktorých je páchané násilie“I don’t like women.”

“I just get along better with men.”

“Women are so catty!”

These are statements I’ve heard my entire life, not from chauvinistic men, but from other women. And, up until a few years ago, from my own mouth.

Then, a friend of mine, a woman herself, said something that shifted my paradigm:

“I don’t trust women who don’t like other women.”
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In support of Marissa Mayer’s new “no work-from-home” policy

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Marissa Mayer, Google The blogs are buzzing with news about an internal memo announcing changes to the work-from-home policies at Yahoo!, a tech company that has seen more ink dedicated to its CEO than its products in the last year. The gist of the memo is this: all telecommuters must report to Yahoo! offices by June, or quit. The gist of the response in my news and social media feeds: CEO Marissa Mayer is setting back women. Personally, I have more problems with the criticism of the policy than I do with the mandate itself.
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What I want my kids to know

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As my colleague Karen pointed out in her post “Why the death of Elizabeth Edwards breaks our hearts”, when we hear of another mother dying, it’s hard not to think about our own mortality.

Specifically, as mothers, we think about leaving our children.  Conversations I’ve had with other moms have revealed that my fears about dying when my children are young are pretty universal: we worry that they’ll need us, that they won’t know how much they were loved by us.  It seems that fear is even greater than the idea of us missing out on the experiences of raising our children.

We want are children to be OK.  We want them to know that they are loved, in a way that only a mother can tell them.

Hearing the news about Elizabeth Edwards and reading subsequent posts has brought that fear to the forefront for me and many other mothers.  Please, we think, please don’t let that be us. But the truth is, as Elizabeth herself pointed out in her last statement on Facebook, all of us know that our days are numbered.  We will, someday, leave behind the people we love most in this world.

The question is not if we’ll die, or even when, but what will we leave behind when that time comes?

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