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Why More and More People Are Opting Roof Windows for Their Homes?

Posted 26th July 2017 by Suzanne, tagged home, home improvement, Roof, Roof Windows

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Many households are increasingly realizing that modern double-glazed roof windows are bringing light and life into their homes in a way never seen before. Especially, the last spaces that have been unusable dark places are receiving a huge amount of light – a completely new makeover for the attics. Roof windows have also been a preferred choice when it comes to flooding community halls, historic buildings, and churches with natural light.

Today, room windows are providing an effective way to let natural light in, filling homes with fresh air, and allowing owners to view the sky uninterrupted. A typical roof window is able to open and close and usually larger than a skylight, which doesn’t open or provides any kind of view. It is basically fitted at an angle to a slanted roof or can be built into existing structures. Most people use room windows in areas of their homes that don’t normally have windows on the walls. In many cases when loft spaces are converted into bedrooms, the owners place their bed underneath roof windows so that they can stargaze. People are using a wide range of roof window modifications that are making the best use of natural daylight, which is provided by many manufacturers. Presently, roof windows from Fakro with high quality and different styles are adding value to the property of house owners.

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Historical Underpinnings

Since modern houses are using roof windows more frequently; it is not to suggest that they had no place in our ancient architectural history. It will be amply clear by taking a look at ancient historical buildings that roof area was an important pathway of letting natural light in. this makes it an important aspect of our architectural legacy.

Going back as early as 3000BCE and subsequent societies, buildings used to have light wells and atria as tools to receive light, ventilation, and security in a closed environment. Architectures of various ancient civilizations like Roman, Greek, and Indus Valley used different forms of roof windows in their buildings and monuments. It was The Pantheon in Rome that used modern looking roof windows in order to turn its insides into a uniquely sheltered space. This prosperous architecture of The Pantheon became a pioneer in the field of exploring extended possibilities for lighting and design. It was the harbinger of lighting from the above and subsequently, its structural development started.

However, the modern day roof windows have been used for around 300 years. Since then roof glazing is being used intermittently and has slowly become an integral feature of the present day architectural styles. With the gradual improvement in quality and financial accessibility of glazing via roof windows, their use has gone beyond vertical windows. Today, they have become more common and popular and people understand their depth and light in a much better way.

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